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Rug and Textile Arts Museum

Since 1993, the Rug and Textile Arts Museum’s goal has been to present and dedicate its research to the textile arts. Rugs are rarely found in museums.


However, they are one of the essential elements of world culture. From the Caucasus to the Atlas Mountains, from Esfahan to Bamako, items from all these places enable the civilisations presented to be better understood.

By enjoying and contemplating the artefacts, the Rug and Textile Arts Museum enables both newcomers and the converted to increase their knowledge of the eastern and far-eastern worlds and their traditions.

The permanent collection has a wide range of textile works, mainly consisting of rugs, tapestries and costumes but also basketry and jewellery (Yemen, Morocco and North America). These pieces come from acquisitions and donations or gifts from French and foreign individuals. Iran, Turkey, Caucasus, Central Asia, Afghanistan, China/Tibet, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Syria, North America… create an area in which the cultures and symbols of the whole world come together. In addition, a youth workshop gives the museum an informative and educational dimension.

Temporary exhibitions, two or three times a year, give the museum an opportunity to expand and develop certain textile themes. These events are also an opportunity for the visitor to discover new forms and techniques and to meet contemporary textile creators and artists.

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Temporary exhibitions since 1994
TISSUS D’EGYPTE, TEMOINS DU MONDE ARABE VIII ème - XV ème siècle (Cloth from Egypt, witnesses of the VIII-XV century Arab world) 16 September – 13 November 1994 ART (...)